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Corporate Wellness Programs


Developing a holistic health program for your company where your employees become healthier, more productive and energized. Click here for further info. 

Preparation for Sports Events


Promote the health and social interaction of your employees by participating in local sports events like races, company relay triathlons, lake crossings, etc. We will help you get ready for these events. 

Nutrition / Stress / Physical Activity concept development

Instead of starting with a comprehensive wellness program, would you rather start by targeting individual health pillars? We can consult you in creating catering concepts, stress management programs or in supporting your employees to be more physically active throughout the day.

Corporate Step Challenges

Promote being more active in your company through step challenges. Increase the engagement through making it a team event. From developing the concept, to providing the tools, to managing the program, we do everything for you

Healthy Conferences

Are your conferences set-up for success? Let us help you to develop an environment that is providing your delegates with what they need to get the most out of your conference. Click here for more details. 

Health Checks

Early identification and prevention is a very efficient way of solving health-related challenges. Health checks can also be considered ‘effective awareness events’. Let us help you organize the ideal health check events for your employees.

Healthy Offsite Events


Set a great supportive environment for your employees and consider employees’ health in everything you do. Let us help you organize healthy team events or offsite meetings where employees’ get the chance to be physically active or learn to cook and eat healthy. 

Support Individual Employees

Do you have employees who need individual support, or want to give a reward to an employee to spend time with a personal health coach? This would be the right product for you. 

Corporate Wellness Programs

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