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Live up is the name we are using to interact with our customers. Live up stands for "living up to your potential", "living up to your company's values", "living up to your and other's expectations".  Through the products we offer, we aim to help you and your company to create a unique employee experience.


The tool we use for this is health. We are passionate about supporting people in being healthy. We believe that health is the most significant asset we have, to live a fulfilled, happy life.


Live up is a part of Cevik Beratung, a startup company in Corporate Wellness, after 5 years of experience in this area. So far we have offered corporate wellness services to a wide range of companies, and are looking forward to supporting you as well. 



"To help companies and their employees living up to their potential." 

We believe that health is the most essential component to this. Only healthy people can realize their potential and drive sustainable long term growth.


Through our corporate wellbeing programs, we want to create a work environment that is supporting employees living a healthy life. We aim to challenge employees to change behaviors, and the company to adapt their culture to enable a healthy workplace.



We love what we are doing and we are fully committed to our vision and to our customers' needs.
Customer Centricity
We fully involve our customers in our process to ensure that we provide explicit solutions. Our services are there to provide sustainable solutions for our customers.
Clear Thinking

We offer innovative solutions that our customers fully understand and own.

We align our initiatives to their business strategy, so that they have a clear place in the company’s daily business, and are understood and owned by the management.

Win Win Win
We believe that business is only good when all stakeholders involved are profiting, and this is the approach we take for everything we do.
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