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Get the most out of your time

The only shortcut to success is learning things right from the beginning.

Through our coaching, we will help you realize your potential in the most efficient way possible


Personal, individual and with a pinch of hardness, he succeeds in preparing me for the respective competitions. I appreciate the uncomplicated and humorous nature of Selim. He helps me getting the most out of my training, true to the motto "quality before quantity!"

Zsolti Sebek - Multiple Ironman Finisher

I started my journey to a more active lifestyle with Selim 5 years ago. He motivated and trained me from the couch to my first 5km race.  With his support and coaching I have since grown and participate in various half marathon races and a short triathlon.  Not only have I lost a decent amount of weight, but I have also gained strength, confidence and a zeal for life – Ready to face any challenge life throws my way!

Cherez Tschopp - The Happy Runner 

Over the past 2 years Selim took care of me and I have built up great trust in him. His customized plans helped me to make my training more efficient and reach my goals. The latest highlight was the qualification for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship.

Thomas Oberhammer- Ironman 70.3 Worldchampionship Qualifier 

IMG_6604 - korr.jpg

With great commitment and flexibility, Selim has perfectly matched all training plans to my personal needs and schedule. Thanks to the bike training, I was able to improve my weakest discipline significantly. Selim being a top triathlete, his inputs and tips on nutrition and racing are invaluable. With the victory at 70.3 Mallorca in 2018, I was able to fulfill a dream and participate in the World Championship of Ironman 70.3 in South Africa in September 2018. This was a unique experience and, with the 12th final rank, a memory for eternity.

Sabina Fenner- "Happy" Ironman Finisher 

Our Offerings


Personalized training plans for all levels of athletes. 

Limited to 10 athletes in order to ensure appropriate focus on each athlete.

Price on Request



Offer includes;

  • Personalized training plans with regular adjustments if necessary.

  • 4 group trainings per month (only open for coached athletes).

  • Following athlete’s Garmin data and providing regular feedback.

  • Advice on nutrition, material and mental preparation.


Book a personal training session to improve your technique, strength, endurance or speed. 


By learning simple tips and tricks, you will quickly acquire required skill sets.

CHF 180.- per hr

Offer includes;

  • 60 min 1-1 training

  • One follow-up email with feedback and further input

  • Swimming, cycling, running or athletic training

  • Bring a friend to share the cost (CHF 10.- extra pp./hr.)

  • Per additional hour CHF 100.-



Do you want to lose some weight? You know you want to do something for your health, but aren’t sure where to start? 


Contact us and let’s work out the best program for you!


I am an ambitious age group athlete and been coaching individuals on all different fitness levels, from first time 5K runners to World Championship qualifiers.  


​I have discovered endurance sports late in my life and brought it to a level where I regularly have podium finishes.


Regardless of what your goal is, I am looking forward to supporting you on your journey.

*An additional one-time CHF 50.- will be charged for customer set-up costs. The athlete can choose to get a coach paid premium account in the training tools to be used for an additional CHF 20.- per month. Visit this link for details. 

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