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Good Food

Let us help you with putting together (or providing) a healthy energizing menu for a successful conference.

Sports & Yoga

Bring in some active sessions, for your employees to get recharged. Our running, Nordic walking, yoga, Zumba, core training or boot camps drive additional social engagement at your events

Educational Seminars

Build in educational seminars into your agenda. From 30 minutes to 2 hours we provide sessions about, breathing, sleep, nutrition, stress management and many other topics

Health Checks

Create awareness through simple health checks. Bio impedance, metabolic syndrome tests are just few of the test we can provide

Set-up your conference for success

Is your conference designed for your employees’ to be at their best?


of employees say they can perform better if they have done some physical exercises


higher focus ability have been demonstrated by employees who were taking a break every 90 minutes.


increase in productivity can be achieved through adequate nutrition


drop of daytime alertness can be expected by 1.5 hours drop on nighttime sleep

It is a difficult decision to take the easy options away, the things that you know have worked in the past and replace it with something new. But, what if people don’t want any longer the same things, which worked in the past?

91% of fortune 500 organizations provide some kind of health promotion program to drive productivity and engagement in their businesses. We want to bring this experience to your conference.

How do we do that?

Let us consult you on the small changes you can do, to have a significant impact on your employees’ productivity and engagement.

Get inspired by some of the services we provide;

  • Group activities in the morning, noon or evening like, running, boot camps, yoga etc…

  • Step counting challenges throughout the conference

  • Or simply providing opportunities for your employees to be more active throughout the day

  • Awareness seminars and courses on latest health topics of nutrition, mindfulness, sleep etc…

  • Healthy team building events

  • Health checks (bio impedance testing, testing for metabolic syndrome and variety of healthy life style surveys) combined with individual consulting for tested candidates

  • Support in applying good nutrition practices that will contribute to participant’s productivity. (either reviewing your catering menu or providing catering.)

  • Body massages / Neck massages

  • Games, gamifications / challenges and many other services that will provide a healthy experience to your employees.

Check out the FAQ below or reach out to us for more information.

  1. Why should we pay serious attention to “health” issues in our conference?

Health issues addressed at the conference may signifi cantly boost productivity of your employees.  Even small changes can make an immediate positive impact. Taking good care of your employee’s health is also your social responsibility as an employer.


  2. How do you ensure participation?

There are activities which are based on voluntary participation. These activities need to be communicated and promoted early enough. Additionally, through offering good food or standing opportunities in the meeting rooms etc. you can engage all participants without any additional cost or effort.

  3. Can these activities not cause distractions on the conference agenda?

Conference agenda needs to be considered prior to planning activities. The services will be integrated into the conference agenda.


  4. What are critical success factors?

It is important to start planning and preparing work well ahead of time. Based on our experience with our clients in the past we can say that we achieved the most success when we started preparing 4 weeks prior to the conference in terms of communication and logistics setup. Additionally, location and services provided by partners of your organisation are crucial, especially in the area of catering. We’ll be happy to recommend you our suppliers if your own suppliers are not providing healthy choices on their menu.


  5. How can I be sure that services provided has been well perceived by the participants?

It is our common practice to provide participants with a feedback survey at the end of the conference. Alternatively, you can conduct your own satisfaction survey on how your employees have perceived the event.

  6. What happens after the conference? Are there going to be follow ups?

If a health check has been performed at the conference, you will get a consolidated results overview. Based on participants’ request they can also receive a digital copy of their individual results. If further health check-ups or services are needed, we’ll be more than happy to provide them at any time.


  7. Are there any privacy issues, which we need to take into consideration?

It is important that all activities performed and services provided are based on voluntary participation. Personal data which will be collected for any purpose, e.g. data from health checks, will not be provided to any third parties other than employees and test provider. This way your organisation is protected from any risks of data privacy violation.

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