What if the sky is not your limit?

Live up to your potential!


Consulting, coaching and project management for companies to create a healthy and productive work environment  


"Let Being Active Be The Challenge" 


Step or kilometer challenges are great way to create or support a positive work environment within your company.

A step challenge is;

  • Healthy: It encourages people to be more active throughout the day

  • Engaging: Employees love challanges, be it competing against other collegues or themselves. Meausre achivements on individaul or team level.

  • Social Responsible: Link your challenges to collecting for charities to support good causes.

With our partner CARROT Wellness we can either help you develo a concept and run the program, or  provide you with individual hours of consulting for you to develop your in-house solution.


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Use Carrot Wellness app to track your challenge. Contact us for more information.

"What if what has worked in the past is not what people want anymore?"

We know what helps people to be more productive, creative, energized, focused and engaged. 91% of Fortune 500 organizations provide some kind of health promotion program to drive productivity and engagement in their businesses. Our goal is to bring this experience to your conference.

We have a wide range of services that we can offer you, such as; 

  • Awareness seminars on nutrition, breathing, mindfulness, and so on.

  • Sports and yoga sessions

  • Support with either reviewing your catering menu or providing healthy catering.

  • Health and bio impedance checks

  • Body / neck massages

  • Games, gamifications / challenges and more.

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We work only with the best. Elements Switzerland is our partner for organizing the best conferences. 

"Live up to your potential" 


Live up is the name we use to interact with our customer. Live up stands for "living up to your potential", "living up to your company's values", "living up to your and other's expectations".  


Through the products we offer, we aim to help you create a unique employee experience...



For companies​

  • Corporate wellness programs

  • Preparation for sport events

  • Health concepts 

  • Healthy offsite events

  • Health checks

For Individuals

  • Personal coaching

  • Training plans

Wellbeing programs: Various Pharma companies
Sport Program:
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Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist

The Corporate Health and Wellness Association (CHWA), also known as the Health and Wellness Association or the Corporate Wellness Association, is the United States' non-profit association focused on health, wellness, disease prevention and management for employers, employees and their families.

The association is the biggest influencer in Corporate Wellness Globally, touching over 1.5 million B2B Professionals. Read more >>

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