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Meeting Again!

Aktualisiert: 26. Juli 2020

We are reunited! And we are back in action. As Team Gümmelei we are happy to enjoy the late starting race season.

This weekend Ben and Corina started at the crazy TriEverest race. The race starts with a 4Km swim in Sarnen, followed by a 260Km with 6800 climbing bike ride, and ends with a 30Km run with 2100 M climbing on the Pilatus. Ben completed the race in 17 hrs and 40 minutes as the 2nd solo athlete. Corina participated the challenge with Tobias Schmid as a mixed team and completed the race in 17 hrs and 4 minutes as the 4th overall team and 1st mixed team.

On Saturday Selim was at the Swiss Alpine marathon and run the K23. He finished it in 1hr and 54 minutes. He was 7. in his age group.

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