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The Alternative Season

Thanks to some small committed organizations we are having a ball this year. This weekend Ben, Sandro and Selim were part of the Helveticman, which took place in the deepest and steepest parts of the Swiss Alps. A race where all three had to dick deep but also enjoyed the casual and friendly organization. and the stunning nature.

Ben and Sandro raced the middle distance (2/90/21).

And what a performance that those two demonstrated. There were lots of Swiss and German triathlon top shots at the start, so competition was particularly tough. After a tactical cycling, and managing cramps Ben completed the course with over 4100m climbing as the 5th athlete in 6hr 11min. Sandro pushed it on the bike and hold it together on the tough run course and finished as 26th in exactly 7hrs.

Selim raced the olympic distance (2/50/13).

Selim started an hour later and race the shorter distance. After climbing 2200m on the bike and 500m on the run course, he reached the finish line as overall 7th athlete in 4hr 21min.

The organization had a couple of hiccups especially at the first turning point that wasn't marked, however it was still a very well organized, fun race with the friendliest volunteers on this planet.

Thanks Helveticman for the great organization and for letting us race again.

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