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First Off-Season Race :)

For some, the season finished without even starting it. Not for us ;)! This week we had a fantastic team experience at the Aarau Triathlon. A great organization, although bike course signaling can improve a bit, and a great atmosphere. Even if you are not into racing, you might go to taste the charity cakes.

Swimming was 500m in the pool, the bike course was 20Km in the deepest part of Canton Argaue (I felt safe the whole time), and running was along the Aare.

Ben killed it again. He minimized the damage on the swim, then had the 2nd fastest bike time and fastest run split of the day. With 55 min 55s he became 2nd overall.

Selim had a great race until he had his little frontflip off his bike just before T2. Nevertheless, he kept on running and finished the race in 1hr 2min, 2nd in his age group and 17th overall.

Petra did her first race of this year, and she has clearly shown that swim training is overrated. On the bike she had over all the 7th fastest time. She crossed with 1hr 10min as 4th in her age group and 11th overall the finish line

Tobi enjoyed his ride so much that he decided to take a detour :). Despite missing one of the not so great marked, turning points, he recovered quite a few rankings he lost on the swim. Unfortunately, his run did not start well with side stitches. He passed the finish line in 1hr 11min.

Such a great day at with great teammates today. Well done all and "gute Erholung."

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